Sunday, July 8, 2007

sunday morning fluff

Emsy has returned, the past two nights, to her previous pattern of 1-2 overnight nursings and 1-2 early morning sessions. Fabulous. Except today I noticed my boobs are cantaloupes again in the mornings.

Then I spent several good minutes wondering why in the hell the word cantaloupe made me think of Maggie Gyllenhaal. I'm not a "boob woman" anymore now that the function of my own knockers has thoroughly and abruptly desexualized the whole concept of breasts universally, so it wasn't a 'boobs -->big cantaloupe boobs --> yum, Maggie boobs' train of thought. Plus hers are adorably perky- even now while she's (awesomely and publicly) nursing her boo. I finally figured out that her babysitter character in Moster House called the kid "cantaloupe." OK, not crazy. There is a Maggie/cantaloupe connection. The character was cute- her hair is messy groovy punk yum. Maybe I should take this to my hairdresser and see if she can translaste Pixar hair to real hair? (Probably not; see below.)

I've found a way to live with my too-messy overgrown pixie. It involved gel, a blowdrier, hairspray, and a curling brush. Good gods almighty. It's cute and flippy and perky and I'm not sure but maybe a little soccermommish. I'm not happy with the 10 minutes + chemicals to achieve acceptably attractive hair, but I'm strangely vain about my hair- and I only own a few presentable 'do rags. I seem to have decided by default to grow it out , because the funds aren't there to keep a short 'do trimmed and cute. So I'm on the long annoying shaggy road to PonyTailLand. I was gonna post a photo but the cameras are still packed from our a.m. shoot. It' like this girl's... which is interesting, because I took this photo to my stylist a while back, and she said my hair wouldn't do this since I'm white. Riiiiiiigghht. Her hair is sooo different from mine. Only it's exactly the same.

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