Monday, July 23, 2007

urgent owl message

Totally kidding, darlin'. Take your time and enjoy. It'll take me three freaking weeks to read it anyway in the short time between finishing whatever work and life have thrown at me (after finally sneaking away from snoozing Emsy) and falling into an exhausted sleep.

Everybody in my LiveJournal friends and Bloglines feeds has just finished, (and luuurved it!) is reading, or is scoffing at us silly grown-ups making a hysterical fuss over a kids book. No one's not talking about it. Shoulda scrimped and bought it. Coulda survived without fast food breakfasts and that bottle of wine. Damn it all, lack of impulse control! Will avoid having similar fangirl regrets when Stardust opens by beginning to save for date night right now. If Bu thinks he's getting out of a fairy tale flick he's so sadly mistaken.

***Forgive the sloppy "photoshopping" as I'm actually stuck in Fireworks land and working quickly;)***

Oh, and if you're so inclined, feel quite free to steal the "spoilers" graphic;)

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