Friday, July 20, 2007

why i rox

I rox because Sue said so. And, as Sue is a mom, that makes it the law.

Sue awarded me with a Rockin' Girl Blogger Award. And so I'm embracing the word girl and the spirit of eternal youth implied therein, and I'm feelin' the Rockin' because my sink is shiny and I wore my favorite old skirt of mom's today.

And now I go forth with the love and hereby do declare that these girls rox too:
(both of whom offered to send me pregnancy tests because I was flipped the hell out but I finally bypassed the insane new restrictive rules against the clinic giving federally funded free tests and snagged me a free and blessedly gloriously resplendently resoundingly negative test.)
(who felt my pain and has such a beautiful girl with a beautiful name)
Sioneva (pray for her baby to sleep plz&thx)
Eden and
who are my newest BBFFs (just invented it: blogosphere best friends forever)
I'll email y'allz tomorrow because I'm a melting puddle of sleepy.

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