Monday, August 6, 2007

annoyance in the land of milkies

I've been online seeking out my nursey peeps for advice about night weaning. My intuition's sending me mixed messages. I think the Birdy's still reverse-cycling, meaning she gets the bulk of her calories at night rather than daytime. That was fine when she was only breastfed but it occured to me that maybe she doesn't get that she should eat food during the day. I wonder if she would eat better if she wasn't tanking up all night.

At the same time I have really planned on letting her set the pace for weaning and scheduling. Also, night time milk is higher in fat and calories. What to do...

For my part, I'm getting this icky restless fidgety anxiety when we're nursing in the wee hours. I'm curious to see what info my gurus will offer. Anyone wanna throw down with the mommy advising?

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