Saturday, August 4, 2007

contest winners

Remember when I promised to mail doodles to whoever made me laugh most? It's taken me eleventy thousand years to get around to it, but I have decided there are three winners. Lexie of This Wabi-Sabi Life sent a great priest/minister/rabbi joke, Bine from  Sleepless in Cologne told me about some boys with gutter brain, and Coffee Betsy, who didn't even enter wins anyway because she actually made my day by referencing the late great and (therefore quite regrettably) formerly immortal Anya Christina Emanuella Jenkins Harris (You don't care if you're not a Buffy obsessed fangirl) in an email.

So my family has crashed, and I'm up- at least until my benadryl kicks in. My right eye has inexplicably decided to swell and itch today. The left one's just phoning it in: no swelling but itchy. With sudden free quiet time, I'm picking up my Sharpie and doodling. Email me your addresses, chicas. I'll mail doodlies sometime. Read on for Lexie's joke.

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