Saturday, August 4, 2007

don't try to kill your time / you might do it

I'm trying an adapted FlyLady strategy: I'm setting timers: In 45 minutes I cleared a whole bookcase, (still 90% keepers and 10% give away- I can't let go of my babies books) moved bookcase to bedroom, dusted DVD's and put in case, hung some art. Go me.  In 15 shit! 20 fuck...30 oh bloody hell, 45 minutes I completed my allotted netjunkie time. Next up: 45 minutes of logo tweaks for client, then yay! 45 more on the house, which is where my heart really lives today. I'm making mad progress, and I may well get a bulk of my studio mess sorted. In a couple of weeks max I can be working on art in a clean neat creative temple of daisiness;)

Part of my online time killing spree: survey from oldest BFF, which I'm posting for your enlightenment. Because if you had to go all day without learning my favorite TV show as a kid your day would clearly be ruined.

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