Friday, August 10, 2007

i heart gay moms

It's a damn good thing I didn't know Sara Gilbert is gay, because if I had, I'd have never settled for a mere male and would have stalked her until she caved. (I kid; my Bu's gender is peachy and hetero marriage is lovely. Unless Maggie Gyllenhaal ever decides she is open to a relationship with a chunky funky mama with stretch marks, tattoos, and an Appalachian twang.)

That's what I get for getting crushes on actresses but not caring enough to read celebrity gossip rags. But, anyway: Sara's a new mom again. w00t!

Speaking of le gossip, if you're in the mood for some, check out the clean and yummy design of Scandelirious, my friend's new site. She's a massive visual talent, is Miss Emily.

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