Saturday, August 4, 2007

well tie me up and beat my britches:

My Goth name is: bitch slave. No capitals, because bitchslaves don't deserve capital letters. That's my first try. When I pulled mistress of pleather hotness rank decided I'd try again, I got Bloody Kisses and a promotion to actual proper noun punctuation. *g* If I were really bored and also knew more coding, I'd make a hippygoth name generator with results like Granola Melancholy, Crunchy McAngstridden, or Rainbow Deathraven.  Heehee. Sunshine Gravedust. Moonbeam Widow-Weeper. This is too much fun.

A quick Daisy factoid: When I was first getting into Wicca I used the magickal name Ivy. I now use my regular given name in rituals because I really like it, my mama gave it to me, and magickal names now seem sillyish. To me.

Whew! I've just had waaayyy to much fun googling images to include in this post, but will refrain from stepping into NSFW or kids territory:)

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