Sunday, September 30, 2007

day of fuzzybutt foiled!

Thank You Lexie!
My Bumkins arrived! They're splendiferous:)


I tried them on Her Majesty's Skinny Ass and they are a perfect fit. I declared today the Day of FuzzyButt dawn til dusk. I happily toted my piss smelling princess to the changing table, where I, deliriously happily, had stacked the cloth cuteness with the colorful bug prints on top. I popped a diaper on the Boue, and she wailed, then she screeched, then she full on bawled. Whaaa? I tried on a sposie: repeat of wailing. Put the cloth one back on. Screaming worse, like she's under attack.

What is this? She's in the sposie right now, will try the cloth again later. Her subsequent meltdown: No clothes! No nurseys! Yes Nurseys! No I meant! makes me think the diapers are not the trigger. Hmph. Tantrums = evil. Not the cool sexy kind emblazoned in my 11,000th sidebar, but the really evil evil.

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