Sunday, September 9, 2007

scary & ten

My nephew and brother-in-law slept over last night. "Bren" and I had a freaking blast. He drew me his favorite doodle and said it is his personal logo. He asked me to create a digital kick butt version, so I gave him an Illustrator CS2 lesson and actually learned a few tricks myself. Then he wanted a website so I started him a blog. Only I have the password, and I took it off Blogger's public listings, so hopefully it's safe. If some crazy sex spam comes I'll see it first. Here's the [coolness] scariness that is our collaboration. The word "cool" is verboten, only "kick-butt" and "scary" may be used in describing his art.  

He's a deep little guy. I worry so much. But I do what I can as an auntie and try to support him however I can.

When I took the baby to bed, we had a moment when she and I just stared into each other's eyes for a long time. It was a beautful quiet connection. I was full of wonder about what's going on in there. She seemed to be searching me the same way. Old, mercurial little soul in those blue depths. I wonder who she'll be at ten. What will our bond be then, in the time of skateboarding and kick-ass doodles and defining the becoming-teen-self?

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