Wednesday, October 3, 2007

dear hathor,

Bite me. Just kidding, but that was so totally my first response when I saw her most recent comic. Then I read on and saw her commiseration on toddler cosleeping:
...when your child is 3 years old and still sleeping beside you, you will be getting 4 hours LESS sleep than parents who weaned early. You will be like a rotisserie, first one side then another, all night long, in progressively shorter intervals until the crack of dawn when you will leap out of bed and say “okay! Let’s start our day!” and then make a LOT of something with heaps of caffeine. Which is no problem because your 3 year old won’t really be interested in nursing at all, all day. Saving up for night time, perhaps?

*Sigh* Should I be proud that the Boue nurses on a three-year-old level? Snerk. I have had so many offers of phone & email support from fabulous moms, I should hold a Molly Sleeping Summit to determine my course of action:) For now the plan is surrender, because as she often does, she's giving me a break right after I snap. Maybe she hears the words "night weaning" and figures she better shape up...

And I'm off to bed with my princess of purple pajamas and pouty preciousness. Happy sleepies, blogopeeps.

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