Sunday, October 7, 2007

fumpkin pestival

Highlights from the 2007 Pumpkin Festival:

Massive doodles on Thursday, a.k.a. The Slow Day.

Many, many babies, especially newborns who made my uterus cry with wanting.

A cool-looking mom with great tattoos who used her daughter's long ponytail as a loose leash and made me laugh.

Pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin fudge- yesyesyes.

Number of Carrie Underwood covers butchered onstage: 2

Number of passable renditions of Carrie-esque renditions of "I'll Stand by You": 1

An incredible hot girl in the booth next to ours with great clothes and jewelry whose boyfriend tried to get me to sign up for a Friends of Coal mailing list and who was apparently confused to find out that there are people, in WV no less, who don't so much love Big Coal*.

My I-Grew-A-Pair Story:

I wanted a souvenir, so I wandered around and found a pair of framed simple needlepoint doodly things. One said "crow" and one "willow" with respective imagery. $4.99 each. Nice. I snatched them up and when I showed my coworker, she spotted Made in China stickers on the backs. My jaw dropped and I took my stuff back. I politely told her that I supposed I should have asked if the stuff was locally made, but being that I was at an arts and crafts festival, I'd assumed so. She gave me my cash, saying she normally wouldn't but... Never said "but what" but I guess she meant "But I'd like you to shut up and go away now you crazy hippy."

I bought a cute quilted pillow with a crow and "harvest" emboidered on it. The artist sold it to me herself:)

*Coal mining is pretty much a religion here, despite the fact that actual economic history shows we've been assfucked by the industry, doing all the working and dying from black lung and dangerous conditions while out of state or country businesses turn profits. Plus there is the pesky little problem of fossil fuels killing the planet. Endrant.

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