Tuesday, October 23, 2007

geeking out on the halloweeny goodness

witch.gifI'm stoked:) We have a spider-themed playgroup at the clinic tomorrow. Witchy is from clip art I'm playing with for that. Heading to dollar store after work to gather cheap accessories for a Voodoo Priestess costume. Bu is going as my zombie. That's for the legendary annual party at our friends' place and whatever other trouble I can find with my long lost Wiccan BFF Rhaina. Making plans to head out of town on Samhain proper to a Reclaiming group's biggish circle. Blissfully, trick-or-treat is Tuesday night, so my wee ladybug can traipse about with mama bug. Fun fun. I even squeezed in time this weekend for a DIY black manipedi! *Gothy sigh*)

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