Thursday, October 18, 2007

love is...


Oh Yes: Grandies who take the baby off my hands because she's possessed again because she wouldn't nap for Bu today and I have a brochure to do and then the baby falls asleep really early so I know she'll wake up and be up late and they say they'll keep her overnight even though it's a workday and Papaw's Pa stuck a garden implement in his leg and Papaw had to take him to the Er and he is OK so yeh the grandies have the baby? That rocks.

Sometimes only a ridiculous run-on sentence can express the frantic insanity of my brain.

Also? What else rocks? When Bu prescribes a hot bath with a Tori serenade. This rocks lots because:

1. It means Bu noticed I am on the Tori kick.
2. It means Bu has to load up his iPod with my girly stuff and is doing so happily.
3. It means Bu lurvs me so much he wants me to chill.

Edit: It also means I relaxed so much I completely forgot to post this before bed:) Good morning internet.. *sigh*

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