Tuesday, October 30, 2007

quickie shout-outs & so forth

This one's for Betsy: Yoda Quote of the Day gadget for iGoogle.

This is how incredibly great Marianne is: a box full of warm, soft goodies for the Birdy and me. Just for an itty doodle. I'm seriously overwhelmed:) I'm so so so in love with Busha and her daughter Brooke I just want to run away to Cali and snuggle them. Brooke's extra snuggable these days, what with the eensy baby girl all warm and comfy in her belly!

 In the world of me? There are killer sniffles hagning on. There is a new Pirates DVD (Dead Man's Chest. I had to! Tia Dalma was calling me.) There is a ladybug costume and black leggings and turtleneck waiting for the bittle boo. There will be a little firepit and hot cocoa and Molly's first trick-or-treat and life is good.

Happy Halloween Eve. Did you know La Dia de los Muertos is actually November 2? So the Halloween Fest really is Saturday (Party Night) thru Friday! Nearly a whole week. So yeah, definitely better than Christmas. And I hate winter. Still. Marianne likes it enough for both of us I think. It bites. This lust for hot sun and the recent voodoo fixation have driven me to the conclusion that I was a (super sexy) Haitian chick in a former life.

OK: Paperwork calls. Much data to be entered.

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