Sunday, October 28, 2007

some sunday things

1. The party was teh lame:(

2. Our costumes rocked hard, tho'. Bu has the photocard so I'll post evidence of our hotness later.

3. Mild hangover + medium cold, not as bad as I'd thought. Stayed in bed all a.m. with Buffy Season 6, which cures anything. Baby arriving soon- squee! I miss her.

4. The dog issue: our inherited dog, Bailey, is pooping and peeing in the house like crazy, and is really testing our patience. One of us has less of that- the one who is not a mother- and he has evicted her. We're scrambling to find a home. I really think if she had a fenced play area and lots more time outdoors than we can do, she'd be peachy. There is guilt, but I'd rather her have a new happy home than keep her here. Anyone want a sweet but slightly high needs 4 year old black lab/chow mix?

5. So I'm off to buy some junk to clean the carpet.  Again.

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