Wednesday, October 24, 2007

voodoo, dreads, and plastic green skeletons

Hi. How ya doin'?

Click through for TNBC-inspired layout lurv. Much love to the creators of these Tim Burton fonts & dings. 

Still giddy. Work desk adorned with dollar store skeletons in neon green & purple. The cheapest old ratty nylon black wig in the western hemisphere is mid-transformation. I wanted this, but funds being rather scarce, I'm "repurposing" the old trashy thingy. It's becoming something vaguely like dreadlocks on one side with beaded stubby ponytail in back, and there's a big obvious seam that I'm gonna cover with a tikka-esque creation of some sort. Bu is teasing me about my Tia Dalma fixation, but I tell him any self-respecting Voudon* priestess would have a Carribean accent and wicked awesome dreads. But OMGoddess Tia Dalma is so totally hawt yum wow. Teeth notwithstanding.

*Interestingly, for a Wiccan, I'm alternately fascinated and frightened by "Voodoo" ritual. Actually the fright kind of compells the fascination. And, being the overthinker and worrier I am, I have plans to light a candle or something as a quick show of respect for the loa. Don't want to project any cultural disrespect. And also: I'm very attracted to Erzulie's symbols & stuff. And I wanna go to New Orleans via Lexieland. OK. That is all.

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