Monday, November 12, 2007

about that aversion...

evilbunny.jpgevilbunny.jpgSo Leigh, and my cousin, and maybe somebody else, asked me why I hate teh bunnies. If you had seen this book as a child, you'd have the phobia too. Look:evilbunny.jpgevilbunny.jpgevilbunny.jpg

And the roots go even deeper. When I was 1, my aunt brought me an inflatable pink Easter Bunny. It terrified me. And as it happens, I have a nasty allergy to rabbits. They cause a hellacious asthma attack, the red swollen eyes of death, and if I touch the little twitchy fuckers, pretty inflamed hives.

And to illustrate my Solidarity in Bunny Hatred, I offer this, as a little Ode to Anya Christina Emmanuella Jenkins (and almost) Harris:anya.jpg
And here is Anya's musical outpouring of disgust and loathing. If you're not a fan the lyrics will make considerably less sense and yet remain totally hysterical.

Does this post seem a little repetitive? It's because you read this one.evilbunny.jpgevilbunny.jpg

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