Friday, November 16, 2007

i'm officially the village looney chick...

Bu presents as evidence the fact that I stole my neighbor's trash to put it in our recycling pile. But, dood: why would you put pizza boxes just loose out with the garbage? It would be like 10 seconds extra to throw them in the bag the city provides and they pick it up for free.

Except... What's that? Oh- they don't pick it up. Bu just IM'd to say* the garbage picker- uppers took my cardboard. I have to call the city and raise Persephone on their asses.

*Bu is racking up the husbandly brownie points. He almost didn't call- what I know won't hurt me or whatever- but he did! And last night he cooked dinner, which was my favorite Italian thing** then he cleaned up. Then, he bought me my domain and a CSS upgrade! See the Century Gothic text? Pretty... I am daunted now by being suddenly thrust into CSS world which, on WP, is requiring considerably more knowledge than on Blogger. But I will overcome. I am on my way to full-on geekhood and nothing shall stop me. Except that Dreamweaver suddenly refused to allow me to copy/paste.

The domain's not live yet, but by this evening should bring you here. Which means...drumroll plz... nothing at all to you. Feed readers & stuff can stay the same. I just get the thrill of a real domain. I need to see if I can change the favicon. I lurve favicons.

**Pasta Primevera and 345 pieces of garlic bread.

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