Friday, November 23, 2007

oh, my eyes!

Bear with the seasonally inappropriate (meh: snow flurries...) dayglow butterflies and wildflowers please, until I have a chance to modify the graphics that came with this adorable but really fucking perky Sandbox skin. And lemme get a w00t for custom CSS! I was daydreaming today about making little buttony doodles for my sidabar headings and wondering if that's even possible- and trying to imagine how the hell you google that. Then in my search for Sandbox styles, I found this.

It's interesting but slow, learning by reverse engineering. I'd much rather learn from a book, actually. Or a hawt software instructor who is into weird, voluptuous, lactating, blogging chicks- like I get to learn Flash from Bu next week. Assuming, still, that the clients OK my sitting in on his class. In case of rejection, I'm packing the sketchbook and journal.

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