Sunday, November 4, 2007


O Mah Gawdduss, Fabulous! An extra hour. Waking at seven (ok, seven-ish) felt like 8! So I have been in exemplary OCD cleaning mode- seriously, I fanned the sleeves of my shirts and spaced the hangers evenly. It's an illness: utter chaos or hyper-organized, I recognize no gray areas. There are labeled boxes. (The Birdy was screeching most of the time, but damn, the child has got to learn to be not-touching me for five fucking minutes. She'll do the parallell activities thing with Mamaw but not at home.)

So the closet's immaculate, and the studio, a.k.a. where the devil lost his poncho, is improving muchly. Great study in negentropy. As was the Bird's first movie experience. We saw Bee Movie. It's young to attempt that but the clinic had a fundraiser so if we had to bail it was still good spending. She did pretty well. There was an extra large helping of Nursing In Public, and then a dead-to-the-world nap.

Speaking of um, dead, I guess... and cleaning... after perusing my entire Non-T-shirt-or-Jeans wardrobe I have to say I'm like 90% hippy and 10% goth, if that.:) Also, I think my clothes are 40% too "old," 40% too "young" and 20% age appropriate and also awesome.

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