Tuesday, November 6, 2007

venting sadness

This fucking dog situation's going to give me a bloody ulcer. I've called this woman (Bu said she's the last hope or Bailey's kicked out) who is in an adoption network. I had to fight tears back after listening to her voicemail message with all the other dogs she has for adoption.

I'm not a dog abandoner! I'm an adopter. I feel like the single biggest hypocrite on the planet. Why? In. The. Hell. did we take this dog on? Bu's brother, I could slap you. Or myself. I'm so sad and mortified making these calls.

And dear gods, never ever list a pet on petfinder.com. They suck! I'm getting spams out the ass from fake people who want to eat her or sell her to Cover Girl for animal testing or some shit. Remind me, upon achieving financial stability, to give pETA like $50,000.

AAAAAAAAAAAtrtgfdghgfhgfh meltdown,

P.S. I don't even really hate bunnies. I just hate fake bunnies and also am allergic to real ones.

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