Tuesday, December 25, 2007

adult christmas fun

  • shots of rum before departing to the grandies' place.* 

  • took AAA's out of the vibrator, which I finally found, for the baby's crazy Meowing kitty.

  • played all evening with her new phonic teaching toy, making it say dirty words one sound at a time. Fah-Uh-kah.

  • now watching Kill Bill Vol. 1 as we bring the Funky Pagan Santa Magic. The setting up of the toys is awesome. (Santa doesn't wrap in our families.)

*We're a little pissed, as we have to head up there first thing in the morning because they are doing Santa for her there, too. She, um, lives here. With us. Who are her parents. Not you, who are grandparents. Stop taking all the shit. Leave us some shit. Dammit.

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