Wednesday, December 26, 2007

an aftermath post

Some highlights from Christmas:

  • I nearly die from the restraint when my cousin shows me his stash of Buffy comics but I don't want to start reading because of the clingy chocolate covered toddler.

  • Bu delights me with his givingness when he puts our Amazon gift certificates together so I can go a little over my share for shipping on my own Buffy* fangirl stuff. The first season's on its way on DVD (yay! completion!), as well as the eighth season in graphic novel form**. And Bu anticipates a new photo book.

  • Molly gets my old death trap rocking horse from my Dad and I practice the restraint thing yet again by not gaping and asking him when the hell he got possession of it because I don't remember it leaving our house during Le Divorce.

  • My stepmom got me a bunch of pagan parenting books from my Amazon wishlist. Oh how I lurve Amazon. 

  • Have a weird little twinge of envy and retro-Daisy Xmas hating when I read Lexie's "just a Tuesday" post. I can haz Hanukkah? lol... Then realize I can choose to be immune to the pressures I allow to creep in and create my own experience. So yay.

  • I lie in bed trying to wake up Tuesday morning worrying how to integrate Santa into a UU/pagan upbringing. Worry into a tizzy of religious confusion then decide to be here now and enjoy the moment of my baby girl discovering the wealth of fun things under our little silver laden fake tree and latch on desperately to the fact that most of it is from FreeCycle and it's a tiny step away from consumerist frenzied hell.

*I should troll some BTVS forums and try to get them to read my blog so I can know that someone besides me & Betsy gives a flying stake about my references to Her Chosen Blondness.

**You know how random junk just gets lodged in your consciousness sometimes? Melissa's weird things meme included her aversion to digits in sentences, and ever since reading that I feel a vague twinge of need to write out "eighth" and "first" instead of 8th & 1st like I probably would have done previously.

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