Friday, December 14, 2007


Nag Champa incense is the scent of my authentic self. I didn't realize this until Marianne's beautiful package arrived from Sonoma. This mama is an incredible gifter. I'm so floored by this stuff I can't believe it. And it all smells like the Nag Champa she included:) This is the secent of my mom, of my first apartment, of dating Bu and sex and stoned immaculate moon-eyed wild new love. I have been in a radically different mindset since her package arrived. Also included is an adorable little tin with homeopathic stress gummies! These little darlings are wicked- seriously, they are rocking my crazy parts like a swaddled baby. I'll post photos soon of the three of us in our compliments-of-Busha-hats:) Molly and me have hats she knitted for us and Bu has one from Nepal. Bu loves Nepal. His fascination with the region is partly why he's my Buddha. (Again, it's not about the belly.)

Along with general creative mojo flowing

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