Saturday, December 1, 2007

best artsy gift idea, evar!

Laura and I were goofing off at work having a very productive meeting of the minds yesterday* and the subject of zines came up. I'm dying to make one and get into reading them. I've seen a couple in actual real life and perused a bunch online. She linked me to Sweet Candy Distro, and then told me about their Candy Cluster Club, which is the freakin' sweetest thing I've seen in a while. I'd totally start up my own thing like this if I had unlimited time & cash. They call it their Candy Cluster Club, and you pay $50 to join. For a year, they send you a handmade object or zine eaach month- tailored to your tastes from a questionnaire. Is that fabulous or what? If I had some cash I'd get this for um, everyone. I don't, of course, so I share the giddy link love.

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