Monday, December 31, 2007

dear cow goddess & mamas of the world

*sotto voce squeak*

Hathor, yes I am too special. I did too need my hospital and my doctor on call and my episiotomy and the Pitocin and even the little dose of Nubain I took when they ripped open my cervix. I did, and I'm glad they were there. I'm glad that at 19 I was so priveleged to live in this crazy, brilliant time when a gynecological surgeon can give the capacity to bear a child to a woman who, in ages past, may well have been killed at birth for the strange body into which she herself was born.

And my knowledge that I'm really one of a small number of women who really can't just trust her body to birth a baby without help does not change the fact that after I breathe out this little manifesto of me, I can then cheer loudly that you are mostly right.

So scaredy cats of the world, if I can do the warrior birth I did and do it without being numbed from the waist down, you can do it too. And unless you too have had an extra set of all your mama parts choped up to make one good set, and are riddle inside out with tough scar tissue (or other rare complications), your birth will not be as scary as mine. I promise:)

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