Wednesday, December 26, 2007

interesting: nasal congestion the leading cause of undereye circles. The culprit isn't, as I believed until 30 seconds ago, nursing a toddler. I'm not super vain, but I like to be on my prettier scale when there's a lot of visiting and photo snapping happening. This means that I have been plastering makeup under my eyes the past few days. I seriously look like hell under there. My eyes look like the gothgirl eyeliner morning-after party night eyes I used to have after coming home at 6 a.m. and waking up still drunk to go to class. I look rough. Feel 'bout the same today. I'm having a day of chugging coffee, googling night-weaning and herbal anxiety treatments (sonzabitchez keep telling me to nix the coffee) and bursting into sudden inexplicable tears.

I need decongestants and a Birdy-at-the-grandies night. We have movie passes, so maybe we can have a date too. So: cinema, sex, decongestants, sleep. We have a plan. I wanna be cute well-rested again.

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