Saturday, December 15, 2007


We spend Friday night and most of today at the hospital. Molly was vomiting explosively the whole time, like several times an hour. Dehydration and IV's ensued. There was a quiet arguement about whether breastmilk is a clear fluid diet approved thing- it is but I lost. Nursed her anyway. Realized this only meant a higher volume of puke.

 Anyway, we're home. She nursed like crazy and had one sicky, but I think it was just too much too fast. Still, I'm going to actually follow orders and do Off Brand Infant Electrolyte Drink with small amounts of teh nummins as demanded by the Boue for lovies.

Oh, and to add to the fun fest, she fell out of her metal baby cage crib of death. On my watch, of course. So they freaked and did little eye and motor tests. She's fine. It was just a head bump.

Molly is supergirl. She is the bravest, sweetest child ever. I'm exhausted.

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