Tuesday, December 25, 2007

super quickie stardust review

Copied straight from reply to a Lexie question:

I had a hard time with it. I usually really am OK w/ adaptations- like Harry Potter- they always do great... But ouchie, this is my favorite novel which I've read 100 times (read to Molly in utero!) and it was pretty much assfucked.

There was such subtlety in the book within the plot points and the mood, and the film just really doesn't give the audience any credit. There's a really annoying device in the beginning that tries to be Princess Bride story-within-story that is never even completed and is completely infuriating. But, the casting is good. DeNiro is prrrrretty good, but his gayness is borderline frat boy offensive or something. Claire is great, and her accent is spot on:)

I'll give it another few looks before I write it off. I think a book-less viewer would think it is OK. I also think the dead princes are hilarious but I missed part of that- we did have the Birdy in the room so I wasn't 100% focused.

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