Monday, December 17, 2007

'nother update

Edit: she checked out fine. Even gained a few ounces- wtf? My milk is actually heavy cream And she was hilarious with her silly active playfulness all evening:)

So the doctor's office finally called back. They sent us back to the ER, who kept us three hours then sent us home. The snarky highlight of the day: the nurse who tried to get us to pop her off the boob to take a popsicle, because "we need to get more fluids into her," and my milk, apparently is what? a solid? gas? sand from the Ghobi Desert? (Gwen & everyone, that's so not a slam on the popsicle idea- it is a great plan, but she's having none of it. The timing/wording was just hilarious.)

 At any rate, she wasn't really dehydrated and she's kept her nummins down all day. We have a check up tomorrow afternoon but hopefully things are back to normal, or at least SNAFU/toddler normal.

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