Friday, December 28, 2007

your a.m. dose of geekery

My breakfast time web surfing is occupied today with sussing out the difference between my beloved Century Gothic and Futura. I had always meant to examine them more carefully. Futura has a lower x height (the height of lowercase letters that don't ascend or descend) which makes it a touch less playful and youthful than Century G. Futura is the yummiest for a little bit more of a professional feel. Here is a story of Futura.

Previous to my typophile reading, I was wandering around Hill House Publishers (via that splendiferous Neil blog) and leaving puddles of drool on their website floor. If anyone's feeling like a little giftie, I'll take the 900 freaking dollars, signed, numbered limited edition of American Gods, plz. Thx.

Hopefully knocking out a zine or two will help sublimate these bookmaking urges. Someday when the Birdy's a big girl and we are not flat broke, I'm going to run away to Penland School of Crafts in the mountains in NC and learn bookbinding. *sigh*

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