Thursday, January 17, 2008

diagnosis skinny

Dear medical establishment,

No worried new mama should ever be handed a piece of paper that says

"failure to thrive"

unless her baby is sickly, or lethargic, or developmentally delayed, or malnourished, or otherwise actually failing to thrive. Moms of active, happy, bright skinny kids do not need this ridiculous worry infecting their consciousness. That goes double when that mama has to monitor said consciousness vigilantly to temper insane levels of anxiety and flashes of totally unfounded terror every day. In fact, "failure?" Let's just avoid that word. I pass Mommy 101, I'm pretty sure. And Molly passes Baby 101, so it's all good.

A simple "weight below average" diagnosis would be great, or even better: no diagnosis at all unless they find an actual disorder or disease to diagnose. My baby is small, and active and happy and healthy. *Facepalm* So I'm going to go let them stick needles in her, again, to make sure this is alright. Snarkiness aside, I'm OK with a blood test. If there is a problem it will be better to know now, and aside from an ouchie it's not a scary invasive test. So, yeah... back to the hospital tomorrow and then the results- requested stat! because it's an emerrrrrgencyyyyyyyy... will be in tomorrow evening. 

And the prescription cracks me up a little- they want her to eat more red meat. It's funny because, well, in my head red meat = OMG poison!!! and also she won't eat read meat. I'm gonna try the kosher all beef hotdogs. Hebrew International has the best commercials ever, btw. They are so cute. Just sayin'.  And I got some almond oil as a prezzie for my face but it's food grade as well. Maybe I can sneak some vegan fats into her wee pixiness somehow.

Should I change the Birdy's nickname to Chunky Monkey or Poofy Bear and see if that helps? ;) Argh, I haven't updated her memories & milestones page in ages. And with the Flickr, not so much.

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