Thursday, January 17, 2008

dingbats + a whole lot too much caffeine = zip-pow!

As my surfing for the perfect free font for a tiny, unimportant part of a newsletter has now eaten too much time, I'll make it productive-ish and link to the cutest dingbats i've found.

PR Astro (Eden! Witchiness! Have the coolest digital B.O.S. on the block!  Although probably, like me, you have the only Book of Shadows on the block:)

Cafeina (Coffee rings. I love them. Both visually and because they mean there is or recently has been coffee. Which I love. And of which I have enjoyed two rather large cups today. Zip-pow!!!* They're so pretty in their messy beauty. Like an eclipse drawn in um, coffee. See, here is one in my design of WabiSabi Mamas. Have I ever remembered to link there? Probably no. We'll be updating aaaany minute now When Remy and Molly graduate from college.)

The Simpson's Tree House of Horror. Because chez DaisyBones, every day is Halloween. Except Halloween. That's Samhain.

If you're unfamiliar, a dingbat is a font that's graphical rather than letters. Like clip art, only vectorized (i.e. resizeable without getting all pixelly.) Install a font thusly: download, unzip, drag the TrueType or Opentype file into your Fonts folder, found in Control Panel. Unless you have a Mac, in which case you're probably geekier and cooler than I and aren't needing of a how-to from a wannabe anyway. Fuck you, then, you elitist poopy.

*My brother told me he met a patient at the hospital where he works, and this guy has Tourette's Syndrome and his tick thingy is "Zip-Pow" and that is very cute to me and am now in love with the phrase. My brother thinks I'm weird but then, he thinks the Grape Lady is funny and it's not- it's sad. She got hurt.

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