Tuesday, January 29, 2008

fire & rain

Molly learned a new word today: rain. I'm so tickled by that. It's like when she learned "moon" ages ago. Moon, by the way, refers not only to the mystical orb of Goddessiness orbiting Our Mother Earth but also to the dome light in the car, and occasionally to random streetlights:) Her "rain" is really impressive. The "r" is almost there. She's liking to say bubbles lately a lot too, for her bath. My little watery baby, like her raft guide daddy.

Incedentally, a rainy day is not good timing for jumpstarting a Life Changing Six O'Clock Wake Up Regimen. It became 7:45, and then I was watching Curious George, and then I was late for work.

It's a nice evening. The fire is glowy and warm and we've got a little store of locust wood. I didn't know there was a species of tree called locust but there is- Wikipedia and Bu agree. It's kind of golden wood and it smells amazing- I thought Bu threw sage on the fire the first time we burned some. It's a sweeter smell than sage but a little similar. It makes me mellow down into my soul like Van Morrison.

Gonna make some chamomile tea and watch Dr. Sexy SnarkFace then go to sleep. Happy Tuesday night.

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