Tuesday, January 15, 2008

girl crushes + fangirl + feminism

So I just discovered Pink Ray Gun, via Feministing. The fangirl feminists of the world are pissed. Playboy has a chick on the cover this month naked with the Wonder Woman costume painted on her. OK, there are myriad issues of power at play here, but how am I supposed to process all that when there is a hot woman with Wonder Woman's costume painted on her naked body? FYI, my very first lesbian crush? Lynda Carter. Oh yes. (I was also in love with Superman, thus beginning my adventures as a lovely, balanced 3 on the Kinsey scale.)

 And also? Willow loves Tina Fey too!

So could On Our Backs please get a sexy, empowered Goddess to pose as a naked Wonder Woman so I can enjoy it free of guilt? Zow- does that magazine even exist still?

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