Wednesday, January 23, 2008

iGoogle and my new dream

So we know that I am a Google cheerleader; they rock.  However, everyday when I load up my iGoogle homepage, I despair at my cute* fucking header and think, "Why can't they let me upload my own skin?" And today, when I really need a boost, because I'm strangely really upset about Heath Ledger- like seriously sad as if I'd known the dude my own self- they announced (or they recently did and I just noticed the perky little "new: Customize") that I can do just that.

The coding is very easy I think, as far as that sorta thing goes... They've posted fabulous instructions that are perfect for my noob-but-not-a-total-noob skill level. The thing is, I have to live up to their standards, so now it's like a Grand and Lofty Goal of Artsy Geekiness to get a design of mine approved for sharing. There will be much of the rejoicing if I manage this. You will not be able to ignore.

*Because it's cute like pink stuff and cartoons, not like skullies and spirals and daisies and yes I'm very picky about my cute.

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