Thursday, January 10, 2008

a lovely post

Schmutzie (Milk Money or Not Here I Come) is one of my Superstar Bloggers, the ones I read and never comment on because they seem to have actual fans more than readers and commenting feels like sending a pop singer a love letter. But this post today about boredom, overstilulation and the mundane minutae of our collective existence broke through my own worker bee autopilot haze and made me actually 1) read a blog post carefully and reflectively rather than devouring it from my feedburner like a fast food meal eaten in the car while the other hand makes cell phone calls, and 2) bravely respond.

It is on the theme of authentic life, i.e. my huge new obsession. I simply cannot figure out how to slow my brain down, speed my fat ass up and find a happy way to fit the life I want into the existence I occupy. But I can. Will. I have got to discover how baby steps work. Stop thinking so big I get lost.

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