Tuesday, January 1, 2008

obligatory new year's post

I don't do resolutions... technically. Because there is too much negative energy in the 'Verse expecting them to be broken. Buuut...

 We had an impromptu ritual last night ending at midnight, wherein we burned little papers with descriptions of the bad stuff we were praying to banish.

bad food
night-time nummins, with scribbles on the paper by the baby

And Molly played a little wooden flute and sprinkled chalice water everywhere, which is an improvement over her former ritual role which was to pee all over me. Bu had a great time and asked like a (pretty drunk) Christmas kid, "Are we casting a circle and everything?"

So that was great. Beginning the year in circle with my little dear family, it is just wonderful. Also, I found a sweet herb stash (and I mean something completely different here than Bu would) including Damiana- sex mojo! and Highjohn Root- rockin' prosperity vibes!

 So, a very Blessed 2008 to you, and I hope you love to write eights as much as me. Mine have a circle on top of a circle, roughly the same size, even though that makes it less of a sideways infinity glyph. I heart circles. So I'll be having fun with that this year. And this is me clinging desperately to the playful and fun. See how not clinically depressed I am? Yeah, that's because you weren't here earlier. Grandma fell- we thought a broken or dislocated shoulder but it's just a really awful bruise- and I crashed into a grey icky hell for a few hours. She's home & OK now, probably with happy happy narcotics.

Crazy Birdy antics with a plush Dora chair have cured me for now:)

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