Wednesday, January 2, 2008

wood is love

We are enthralled with our woodburning stove. It's an insert in the fireplace. Been here since Bu's Granny and Pa built this room onto the house*. We went through a phase the year before we conceived when Bu was loving to chop wood and build fires but then the computer equipment was there in that area. (We have a split-level house. The bottom floor is our living room and office. It bugs the aesthete in me, but is functioning.) But now that is the living space and it is extremely, amazingly, beautifully cozy with the stove. It's also great timing, as we started using it two days before the coldest snowiest weather of the year happened upon us.

I'm the fire tender for the evening, and I am a fire virgin. Bu is helping Elyse's parents- that's Molly's BFF- unfreeze their pipes. Blowtorches are probably causing much masculine merriment right now. Yeah, Bu's touched with the pyromania. The Bird's at the grandies, as somehow randomly my Weekly Night of Sleep has become a weeknight thing instead of Friday. So I'm


I am making two pots of beans for the ham loving him and ham not loving me. I'm going to work on the zine, which is progressing prettily and filling me with a warm little sense of accomplishment. I might get really industrious and get the clippers and make my nether regions more accomodating for visitors and seduce my husband. That might be a bit too ambitious but one has to try once in a while to awaken one's formerly wild sexy beastie goddess.  

*Think I'll go find the house meme I meant to do ages ago... where is that dang thing? Lexie? I'm very into the Home as a comforting nesting centering entity, what with the fire being all Hestia and the snow and the New Year and the dryer being fixed and the resultant almost-utter-lack of piles of laundry.

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