Saturday, February 2, 2008

because my family falls asleep at freaking nine o'clock

And I'm insanely bored. So I am stealing a meme from Eden. No "tag, you're it." I just stuffed it in my backpack and walked casually out of the store that is So Anyway. What're you gonna do, bust me? Ha! I knew I'd get away with it:

1. I love to eat:
Bread in almost any form except nasty fake Wonderbread type bullshit. And also cheese. And now you know why I'm so thrilled to be down to 190 lbs.

2. I hate to eat:
Well, meat. Also green beans. And reheated pizza. But cold pizza rocks.

3. I love to go:
To the movies, to the beach, to the mountains.

4. I hate to go:
Anywhere smoky. I'm a hater on the smoking, sorry. It's stinky. And it no longer matters whether it's legal smoke or that formerly so exciting reefer, it just smells.

5. I love it when:
Great songs come on the radio when you need them.

6. I hate it when:
Molly gets really whiny and I snap at her like an asshole.

7. I love to see:
Bu play crazy daredevil games with Molly and she gets a huge squee overload and laughs so hard she's in tears.

8. I hate to see:
Wall decor that hangs crooked. It makes my whole soul just cringe. How can people not notice there are no right angles happening? Right angles are glorious! All hail the perfectly positioned 90 degrees to the ceiling picture frame.

9. I love to hear:
British & German accents.

10. I hate to hear:

Celine Dion's voice. Better to just jab hot pokers into my ear drums.

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