Wednesday, February 13, 2008

bothersome ideas about ppd

OK. I read on Hathor about this bill wherein the US government is apparently going to grant doctors the ability to practically, if not literally, force new mothers to take SSRIs if they "fail" a mandatory PPD screening. Well, yes, as this is clearly a disgusting travesty of Big Brother Evil, I got all ready to repost and get infuriated.

I clicked her link- and was really getting fired up, and then I read the actual text of the bill.

Applied brakes, then reread the bill.

There is no mention anywhere of anything resembling forcing women to take drugs or accept care they don't want. Here is what it says:
If the results of such screening provide warning signs for postpartum conditions, the new mother shall be referred to an appropriate mental healthcare provider.

Horrors! Appropriate mental healthcare referrals. Great Mother of God, this is a good thing. I can't count how many moms I read or know who have suffered through PPD or PPA (which, yes, I know now is a real thing.) Some of them need medications and have great health benefits. Some don't, like me, but find that naming and understanding the anxiety is a great help. The article at Unite For Life suggests that there's an undertone of paranoia about the relatively few cases of homicides and suicides from post partum psychosis. That may truly be alarmism, but there are so many women who are functional good moms but are miserable and at risk of getting worse who could really use a boost of education and support (and maybe medication) and Goddess knows there are still assholes who don't even believe PPD is a valid diagnosis.

So yeah, I'm on board. And Obama is apparently a sponsor. Funny how I was going to refer to that as another indecision maker, but after reading the bill for myself am happy with him and thinking he rocks my socks. I also read a great piece in Ebony today about him that made me tear up.

I feel icky about indirectly snarking at Our Lady the Cow Goddess, because she is such a groovy crunchy presence on the net, but I still wanted to repost after disagreeing with her. You know how a day or two a week the Artsy Slacker Spazzed Out Mommy Blog likes to play dress up as a birth activism rant platform:)

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