Friday, February 22, 2008

the first nursing home visit and then a sharp curve into kittenish territory

It was not as bad as I'd thought. Aunt Pea told me there was shit smell in the halls and her roommate was a semi-vegetative skeleton, in only slightly more euphemistic language. It is rather hospital-ish, and the food is nauseating. (I tried a rubber tater tot. Tator tot?) The roomie is older and spacier, but she was coherent and thought my name was pretty. Hers is too: Ocie. Made me think she was a sea nymph back in the thirties:)

Grandma was much more with it than she was last night at the hospital. She was doing loop conversations, but she always does that. And she thought I was Laura once but then was OK.

(Here's where I do a 180 and get giddy and excited about girly junk.)

Speaking of Laura. Two Lauras are rocking my world today. Laura W sent me a really snarky fun baby book with bonus awesome goodies (le uber squee!) and Laura Beth is going to come visit OMG and stay here and I'm so excited I'm going to bake bread and dust.

Also rocking me is the credit card Aunt Pea gave me to get a spiffy dress for the fundraiser gala, and the grandies who are keeping the baby tonight.

I suppose I have no choice but to shave my luxurious mammal-goddess leg fur. Bu and I have an annual date with weirdly naked-feeling and therefore highly erotic smooth legs that make me feel like I'm in drag. There will also be panty hose and hopefully some sensibly low kitten heels. Haircut tomorrow, too. The pixie has grown out into The Messy Emo Shag Thing which is not cute or at all perky.

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