Monday, February 4, 2008

hillary v. barack and a feminist stream of consciousness

Apparently, I share a brain with a woman named Rebecca Traister who writes for Salon. Here is exactly the conundrum playing itself out in my brain about this election. Thank goodness we don't have our primary until May. Her story about being in the booth with her dad and pulling the lever for Geraldine Ferraro made my tear up... which made me notice I'm extra sensitive on day one of my cycle... which made me hear imaginary male voices insisting that women are too emotional to be president... which made me remember the teary Hillary and how I wanted to kiss Obama for his wonderful "no comment" that contrasted so in his favor against Edwards' bullshit asshatery... and then I thought how tears and passion =/= weakness which is just such a huge bullshit myth of the patriarchy... and then I wanted to kiss, and vote for, Hillary again and flip the bird at the patriarchy.... then WTF? vote for her based on her gender only? um, no.

 So yeah... I'll be reading a lot in the coming months and trying to be pragmatic. It's a very complex thing... was talking today with Laura about the role of race, after I mentioned the plethora of racist slurs that I heard at the Super Bowl party. I don't know... Traister mentions how Obama is seen as an exceptional black man, so I guess that's non-threatening or whatever? I wish we didn't have to wonder about the importance of race or gender here, but ignoring the fact that it is still an issue to voters would be pretty ridiculous.

I suspect there will be Obama bandwagon jumping-upon very soon in my life, but I Just. Don't. Know. Couldn't we just appoint Dennis Kucinich the Emporer of America for life and not have to fuss with all this for a while?

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