Saturday, February 16, 2008

the land of the living

Had a double-plus ungood vacation from reality Friday. Bu and I caught Molly's tummy flu and were home-bound. I had a cleverly worded slick and funny post in my brain yesterday. Fun little mislead about my hot day in bed with Bu then I zing ya with how it was really a feverish, too sick to move day. I don't feel witty today, but I do feel freakin' awesome. It was like a 12 hour thing I guess. By last night we were eating again (yeah, toast, but still) and had both showered. The grandies kept the baby an extra night so we could recoup.

Today is very sunny and nearly 50 degrees. I feel the light coming in the windows is burning out the sick, stagnant xi in the house. It hasn't been cleaned at all since I've had the cold so it is a massive chaos thing. (Bu too busy to do much too this week.)

My eyes are doing that unsettling blur thing where  I can barely read, so I'm going to catch up with on Google Reader later or tomorrow. An eye exam would be really fucking nice. Can't find my reading glasses but I am afraid I need an actual prescription. Do eyes do that when they get old? Intermittent blurriness instead of gradual? Or do I have something wrong? *Sigh* I need to get back to the doctor. At least I can have the visits for $15 or so. There's a totally free clinic too, I have put off calling them because I hear the wait is ungodly and I fear our actual income is too high- if expenses are disregarded.

Anyway, it's a strain to type/read and the Bu & Boue are napping so I'm going to clean my smelly kitchen.

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