Saturday, February 2, 2008

one hundred ninety and a weight loss rant

I just weighed in, and found that I'm ten pounds lighter than my weight when we conceived and after my giant-blimp-water-retention-borderline-pre-eclampsia weight dropped.

Oh my Goddess the squee!

I'd set a goal of losing 20 pounds before my clinic's big fundraiser gala on February 24th. So I'm halfway there and honestly, if I went crazy and dieted and junk I could probably hit that goal. Hoooowever, in that direction lies the yo-yo and flirting with badness and also risking the production of skim milk for my itty pixie girl, and none of this at all furthers my actual weight loss goal. My real intention is less to do with looking hot in a formal dress and more to do with feeling energetic, having a strong back, and enjoying better overall health. So if some more comes off before the party, so much the better. If not, I have a great start and feel excited to lose more. The goal was more a motivational positive fun thing than a "OMG I have to fix my fatness or I can't be seen" drama queen thing. And it seems to have subconsciously worked wonders, because there has not so much been effort spent. Pretty much none.

The number is a lovely motivation. I feel like a strong beautiful goddess this morning- a coupla cups of mondo strong coffee are helping fuel my fantabulosity as well- and I am eschewing my cheesy-to-death omelet plans for some oatmeal. The grandies stocked our kitchen for us, and there are salad fixin's up in here too. I am a creature of much joy today. [Here's where I make a sharp U turn. I'll be back, really. --->]I slept in too, as last night was Ye Olde Weekly Throw the Child to Her Elders night.

Lexie, if I had cash, I'd fly my darling in-laws to Alabama and hook you up with the weekly night off. As weird as it may get occasionally to have the Mormon church and the old mountain grammar in our lives, they are such a giant blessing and are so filled with love for us. [OK, I'll be back 'round to topical after the jump.]

My Gods am I still typing? I'm really wordy today. Here, let me give you an out:

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