Saturday, February 9, 2008

one trick pony

nursey.jpgnursey.jpgThe past week, Molly is waking at night, and she is pissed. Nothing works except to get up and watch a movie, or to nurse. I am almost resolved to un-night-wean. I will get more sleep that way. I honestly may see what happens if she just cries and throws a fit for a while. It hurts, though. It makes me so upset I almost feel hysterical myself. I have two things my gut tells me. One is make the child stop crying for goddess' sake, woman. The other is you are teaching her to wake up and cry and make demands and that she will get whatever she wants if she holds out long enough.

I don't know about letting her cry... as adamantly opposed as I am to CIO for infants, I think there's a toddler age when it is appropriate. I'm not sure 20 months is that age, but maybe it is. Whatever happens, I'm reminding that little inner voice that I can't fail night weaning. Or mothering, for that matter. Life with babies is fluid, and sometimes plans backfire.

I have other tricks. I sing, I snuggle, I pat belly and back. I have a noise machine. I have Bu. But nothing works like the num-a-nums. Maybe she's telling me she changed her mind, and she does need her sleepy milkies still. Or it could be a phase.  Here's to trying to go with the flow when flow is not so much my thing lately. (Haha. Unless you mean my boobs.)

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