Tuesday, February 5, 2008

pre-spring rain

there is a warm rain today. huge drops like the last few tears dropping onto a small child’s cheek after you’ve already made her laugh.

i wore a three-quarters sleeve shirt today, my favorite: exactly the length to fit my small arm and not bunch or roll or need to be folded under.


Originally posted at Tumblr, where I outlawed capitalization. Then I thought I was being ridiculous, that no one needs Tumblr and Twitter and WordPress and LiveJournal MySpace and Facebook and good gods. I'm spazzed out on the netz. OD on connectedness? But Tumblr's so cute. Can I keep him? Or no more metaphorical puppies?  There's too much to do online- it's like an infinite number of pushers with an infinite number of drugs and I have an infinitesimally small ability to focus.

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