Friday, February 1, 2008

quickie toddler nap post

Watched 'Candy' last night and had to stop midstream to sob hysterically. There is a scene that was so hard to watch I just can't imagine anyone seeing it and not breaking down a little. Heath was brilliant, and it was nice to take a couple of hours to appreciate his craft. It was a brilliant movie, just very difficult.

Had a fabulous day at home with the baby. Let her sleep in with me this morning even though I knew I was sabotaging any chance for a good nap. She crashed about 45 minutes ago. We did some more sorting in my studio then took the recycling to the drop-off and my donations of old junk to the thrift store. Picked up some new junk, including a teeshirt for a much older Molly that has a bunch of white male historically famous artists' signatures in white on black. It's adorable.

I talked for a while with an old friend from artsy & pagan stuff. My old Wicca group is trying again to get their shit together and I told him I was really wishy washy about it and was probably not going to get back into it, but that I desperately need to reconnect with my art peeps. We will hopefully get a girls night out together soon. (He's a very feminine soul, is my friend Blue.)

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