Thursday, February 7, 2008

snapshots of my day

My day began at 4:00 a.m. when the Birdy woke up screaming for Da! Da! which I thought meant Bu*, but found after trying to tucker down in Bu's bed, actually meant "downstairs." We read books and played and cried (that was me) until 6:30, when Papaw swept her away, I called in for a mental hygeine day, and crashed until eleven. I adore my director. She is fabulous with the "Flexible schedule is your perk! Sleep today! Feel better!"

So I'm home.

A client-friend called to ask me to fix some typos she just found on her artist bio page. We talked about her standing offer to let me hook up my idle, sad kiln at her stained glass studio for a test firing. She gently prodded me to make some fucking pots** or something. 

My plans are to do my Friday design work, or part of it, today. This includes a Grass Ninja drawing for Bu's buddy who does landscaping. A grass ninja, for those of you who are thankfully not in Bu's brain, is a baddass goat in a ninja suit. Riiight;) Not my shining moment of logo design, but they boys like it.

His friend's biz is called Arrowood Landscaping, which makes me think of Legolas crafting arrows for his bow. Legolas reminds me of Raft Guide Living in a Tent Bu, who had a glorious blonde ponytail. And was hella buff. Alas, I have only photographic evidence of this, as all I got was a lingering farmer's tan in a new Suit Guy haircut. (He quit guiding to be a software instructor the fall before we hooked up.) And now he is the Bu of me, and I make him goat drawings.

*and since I haven't locked a post in a while, I'm adding juicy real life details, just for you:)

**I refer to making pots, although I was a sculptural ceramicist, not a functional potter. I did have an obsession with pinched out bowls, though. They are like negatives of the moon. Here is my favorite series, from my LiveJournal.

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